• Owe at least £5,500 in debt to three or more creditors
  • In receipt of regular income

We specialise in IVAs and to answer your first question an IVA is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. This is an arrangement between yourself and your creditors managed by us. The arrangement sees you pay off your debt over a period of time, usually five years.

Your second question may be: is this right me? If you are unsure, we can guide you in the right direction. If you owe at least £5,500 of unsecured debts from credit card bills, loans or other unsecured debts, you could qualify for an IVA. You must have a regular income with at least £70 a month available to be paid towards the IVA. This solution is sometimes referred to as the ‘healthy alternative’ to bankruptcy as there is no upper limit in terms of how much debt you are in.

If you are considering entering into an IVA you should know the advantages and disadvantages; we want to be as transparent as possible and there should be no surprises.


  • You only make one affordable monthly payment
  • Interest and credit charges are frozen
  • Your creditors are bound by terms and conditions not to take any further action
  • On completion of the IVA (usually after 5 years) the balance you owe to your creditors are written off


  • Your IVA is entered on a public register
  • Credit card companies can access this information, this could damage your future endeavours
  • If you do not keep up with payments the IVA will fail and you may be made bankrupt
  • Your outgoings are based on guidelines acceptable to creditors as such will not support a lavish lifestyle
  • Homeowners could be required to release equity in the penultimate year of the IVA