Chargeout Rates

Grade Charge-out rate (£ per hour) September 15
Partner- appointment taker £350 375
Senior Manager £200 220
Manager £140 150
Supervisor/Senior Administrator £125 130
Case Administrator £95 98
Cashier £95 98
Support Staff £50 65
Time costs are calculated using 6 minute units.

Time spent by support and secretarial staff for carrying out shorter tasks, such as typing or dealing with post, is not charged to cases but is carried as an overhead of the firm. Only where a significant amount of time is spent at one time on a case is a charge made for support staff.

Note that this information is provided for information only. Any potential voluntary arrangement fees would be on a Fixed Fee basis in respect of work done at the pre-appointment stage and on a percentage basis on the appointment of a Supervisor and not on time costs.

Agent’s Costs

Charged at cost based upon the charge made by the Agent instructed if appropriate, the term Agent includes:

• Solicitors/Legal Advisors
• Auctioneers/Valuers
• Accountants
• Quantity Surveyors
• Estate Agents
• Other Specialist Advisors

Disbursements Policy

The costs charged by suppliers are reviewed at least annually by the KISL Board.

In accordance with Statement of Insolvency Practice 9 (SIP9) the basis of disbursement allocation in respect of disbursements incurred by the Office Holder in connection with the administration of the estate must be fully disclosed to creditors. Disbursements are categorised as either Category 1 or Category 2.

Category 1 expenses are directly referable to an invoice from a third party. These disbursements are recoverable in full from the estate without the prior approval of creditors either by a direct payment from the estate or, where the firm has made payment on behalf of the estate, by a recharge of the amount invoiced by the third party. Examples of category 1 disbursements are post, couriers and specific bond insurance. An itemised breakdown of the estimated disbursements will be included at Appendix C of the Proposal. A schedule of disbursements recovered and those incurred but not currently recovered is published on the website.

Category 2 expenses incurred by the firm are not recharged to the estate.