Welcome to Knightsbridge Insolvency Services where we will do as much as we can to improve your situation. Seeking debt advice is your first step towards becoming debt free, whether you owe money to a range of providers or just need help two or three large debts, we can help.

Debt doesn’t just affect your financial situation; it can disturb your whole life. Knightsbridge Insolvency Services understands this and our aim is to offer solutions which disrupt your day-to-day routine as little as possible.

Our debt advice is simple and effective; we don’t see the point in using confusing or intimidating language. We’re here to help, and we will always act in a professional yet approachable manner.
We can provide help with debt relief orders, administration orders, entering into an IVA, trust deeds and sequestration (for our Scottish customers) or as a last resort we can help you file for bankruptcy.

By calling Knightsbridge Insolvency Services today you are asking for help, help which we can give you in the form of any of the choices above. We want to hear your story so we can work together to help you repair your financial situation.

To speak to a friendly advisor, call FREE on 0800 158 3539. It’s our aim to provide debt advice to everyone who contacts us. It’s really worthwhile giving us a call or applying online for a confidential chat: find out just how effective we can be.

Please read our frequently asked questions.

Please note: As with all non-charity providers if you choose to take one of the debt solutions offered by Knightsbridge Insolvency (or one of its associated companies) fees will be payable. Details of these fees can be found in section 5 of the relevant Terms and Conditions (see links below) or illustrations of these fees can be found Here.